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Welcome To Deemwar

Our consultants provide expert advice on how to use software to get the most out of your business.

With 200 Man years of experience at the sharp end of the software development industry, we assist you in making the right decision to deliver the very best business values.

Our Core Areas

Browser Plugins

If you like to automate a feature within a particular website. A plugin could be helpful

Full stack development

If you have a startup and require hardcore set of developers to build your idea. We could assist you.

Data Scrapping

Automated data collection across various sources within quick turn around time.

Work Automation

If your company looking for Automating anything, Be it responding SMS, WhatsApp, Telephone call.

Mobile Apps

Ready to build mobile apps within a quick turn around time

Automated Social Campaign

Automated tools to assist you in social media campaign.

Heavy head Consultaion

Heavy head resources to assist transforming an idea into a revenue generating tool.


Training & mentoring people across various organisations



Functional Programming with Java

In this Workshop , you will be learning Functional Programming with Java. How to think functionally and applying map,filter,reduce, composing functions, partial functions ,Currying. The entire workshop will be driven with Test Driven Development Model with Junit.

Weekly 3 hours of Total 5 weeks
Only 15 Per Batch

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Clojure Full Stack with Datomic

In this Workshop , you will be learning Fundamentals of clojure, REPL,working with concurrency,creating web api, what is datomic, how can we model data with datomic,creating frontend application with clojurescript and shadowcljs. At the end of workshop , you will be in a position to work on any clojure project across front end and backend.

Weekly 4 hours of Total 12 weeks
Only 8 Per Batch

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Reactive Programming with Rx on Angular

In this workshop , you will be learning reactive programming with Angular. You will be introduced to wide range of Reactive Operators and will also teach scenraios on when to apply those operators. If you are looking for experimenting Rx Subscriptions,transformations,aggregations. This could be a good starting point.

Weekly 4 hours of Total 4 weeks
Only 15 Per Batch

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